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The Prom is tomorrow, I'm going and not throwing a prom rejects party like last year...this is going to be SO much more fun. :P The date and pictures are being done uber-cheap, and the ticket the actual dance was only 25 bucks, with a mug and flute glass thrown in for free! Yeah, I don't know either.
And I've FINALLY gotten my Learner's Permit! My friends and family have given me considerable flak about not getting it sooner, but, being a senior in high school, I've gotten mostly used to it. Now I'm getting closer to being a licensed men- I mean driver! Yes!
Auditions for Drama Rama, a collection of student directed one act plays that our school does every year, were today, and I think I have a good chance at getting a decent part. Which would be much improved over my non-speaking role from last year. Oh so very much. Not that I particularly minded as a junior, but not getting a speaking role as a senior AGAIN would be a serious sting to my actor self esteem, which is already kind of in the toilet.
Webcomic recommendation!
I have a couple of webcomics that I frequent, but my favorite so far is a hilarious space opera (which has nothing to do with overweight people in viking helmets, you uncultured swine) called Schlock Mercenary. Starring Tagon's Toughs, a mercenary company with quirky characters, including the goatee boasting resident mad scientist, Kevin Andreyasn, his sister the admiral, Breya Andreyasn, paycheck chasing founder of the company, Captain Kaff Tagon, sarcastic ex-boy band AI, Ennesby, and the titular crap pile resembling, highly omnivorous, gun-loving, psychopathic alien, Sergeant Schlock. It has TEN YEARS of back comics and is quite hilarious. The author is Howard Tayler, who runs the Writing Excuses podcast alongside my favorite author, Brandon Sanderson.
Now I just have to wait for my library to get I Am Not A Serial Killer, and I'll have read the stuff from all of those authors.

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