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I graduate from high school next week.
It's really a scary thought/concept that's staring me in the face. Yet also kind of a relief. That's all I have to say right now on that, promise!

Well, I managed to drag myself here in less than a month; yay for that!

Choir has been a huge part of my life for the last three years, and I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with my time once school is over. Wait, I promised I wouldn't do that! Dangit.

I have to say the last year has been a roller coaster; so many highs, so many lows. It's been a rush. I had a really nice high last week at our school's Night of the Arts. It's a program where all of the various performing groups at our school perform together. We had some really interesting joint performances. But what really stood out to me was that this was the first and only time that Music Theatre performed. Perhaps a bit of background on that. Since our crash and burn at the end of first semester, everyone in the class transferred out except for me, to be replaced by a couple of better friends of mine. What our teacher had us do was put together various independent scenes from different musicals for us to rehearse and maybe perform. We had a few, but the first one I worked on was a scene from West Side Story. I was Tony singing the first major solo, Something's Coming. We moved on from that to other scenes and the three of us were going to perform a scene from The Sound Of Music for the Night of the Arts. That is, until our only girl had to go to a funeral the day of. We scrambled to figure out what to replace it with and decided on Something's Coming. Who sings this song; by themselves to boot? ME And how did it go? Really well, actually. I'm pretty pleased with my performance. This is really my personal climax for the year, an accumulation of everything I've done in the performing arts for the last three years. It was cool, but totally terrifying at the same time.

A few days ago I discovered Google Chrome! It works dang well, I must say. Slick, that's what it is; it's slick.

The new season of Doctor Who has been running for a while, and I gotta say, Steven Moffat is a genius. It's really good! And the next one, which I have yet to see because my parents cancelled our cable (grrr) is supposed to be really good.


A Hop Skip And A Jump In Time

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Darn tab, sitting there, making me feel guilty despite my lack of a readership.
Prom was awesome! I got a be a terrible magician and a stomach drum soloist in 13 Ways To Screw Up Your College Interview for Drama Rama. I read I Am Not A Serial Killer, which was disturbingly amazing, psychological horror is better than I thought!
Why does time go so fast? Just a little while ago I was auditioning for choir, and just last week I find myself informing Juniors that they made choir at five in the morning! (school tradition [amen])
I had a curious experience relating to this. I had to get up at about 4:30 in the morning to go kidnap people for breakfast, and afterward I went home to get ready for school. I was driving back to school and was, frankly, exhausted. I almost fell asleep while driving. It was DANG scary.
Youtube is a curious place, but there are some truly unique pieces of art going on over there. David Choi is a musician who does some simply remarkable covers. Eric Whitacre, who's the closest thing that the choir community has to a rock star, has a virtual choir that's simply astounding. And MysteryGuitarMan makes music videos that are clever, funny, musically and technically impressive all at the same time. And Cobus Potgieter is an extremely talented percussionist with some astounding drum covers. And these are only a sampling of the amazing work being done on this free website. I myself have only one video. Yeah, I know.
Glee is a show of questionable plot and even more questionable morals, but, man, is their music cool. I'm a personal fan of their mashups. Halo(Beyonce)/Walking On Sunshine is a really fun song, while its counterpart, It's My Life(Bon Jovi)/Confessions Part II(Usher) is a rock-tastic rush. Young Girl/Don't Stand So Close To Me(The Police) is a great thematic piece, while Hair/Crazy In Love is, well, crazy. While they take some songs and make them amazing they take other songs and make them meh. Defying Gravity, perhaps the best song from the current musical hit, Wicked, went from amazing beyond imagination on the cast recording to being simply okay on the Glee version. But you can't have all home-runs, right?
On the subject of mashups, this is also something that I've come across recently that I find very sweet. Youtube has a suite of mashups, while some aren't so good, some are impressive. My favorites are the United States of Pop series, which take the top 25 songs of a year and mash them together spectacularly. (There's one for '07 as well, but you'll have to find that on his website, which can be found in the description for either of the videos. You'll also find mp3s for the bunch of them.) Another one that's very popular, going so far as to appear on the radio, is Boulevard of Broken Songs.
Have you stumbled today? Well, you should. What do I mean by that? I mean that you should go to stumbleupon.com and enter into the internet's most awesome slot machine. You tell it what you like and hit the Stumble button. From there it randomly takes you to a website it thinks you'll like. And it works. If you're ever bored of the internet, like I sometimes find myself, this'll find you things to keep you occupied for hours, if not days or weeks.
And I'll leave it at that for now. You probably don't want to hear me blabber on about time getting away from me again.