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I graduate from high school next week.
It's really a scary thought/concept that's staring me in the face. Yet also kind of a relief. That's all I have to say right now on that, promise!

Well, I managed to drag myself here in less than a month; yay for that!

Choir has been a huge part of my life for the last three years, and I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with my time once school is over. Wait, I promised I wouldn't do that! Dangit.

I have to say the last year has been a roller coaster; so many highs, so many lows. It's been a rush. I had a really nice high last week at our school's Night of the Arts. It's a program where all of the various performing groups at our school perform together. We had some really interesting joint performances. But what really stood out to me was that this was the first and only time that Music Theatre performed. Perhaps a bit of background on that. Since our crash and burn at the end of first semester, everyone in the class transferred out except for me, to be replaced by a couple of better friends of mine. What our teacher had us do was put together various independent scenes from different musicals for us to rehearse and maybe perform. We had a few, but the first one I worked on was a scene from West Side Story. I was Tony singing the first major solo, Something's Coming. We moved on from that to other scenes and the three of us were going to perform a scene from The Sound Of Music for the Night of the Arts. That is, until our only girl had to go to a funeral the day of. We scrambled to figure out what to replace it with and decided on Something's Coming. Who sings this song; by themselves to boot? ME And how did it go? Really well, actually. I'm pretty pleased with my performance. This is really my personal climax for the year, an accumulation of everything I've done in the performing arts for the last three years. It was cool, but totally terrifying at the same time.

A few days ago I discovered Google Chrome! It works dang well, I must say. Slick, that's what it is; it's slick.

The new season of Doctor Who has been running for a while, and I gotta say, Steven Moffat is a genius. It's really good! And the next one, which I have yet to see because my parents cancelled our cable (grrr) is supposed to be really good.

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