Wake Up Call

As I've said: sporadic posting.
It's been more than two weeks since my last post, which I admit is quite a bit. Not that you care...*glare*
My Xbox 360 has been racking up games pretty quick over the last couple weeks due to a sudden rush by my 15 year old brother to purchase as many games as he can before our parents make us not buy anything until Christmas after Thanksgiving. I've pitched in a few bucks here and there, but mainly my stand on this is to let him get as much as he wants for MY Xbox. So as he puts in lots of work, in the end, the fruits of this labor will become mine. Of course, by the time this deviously concocted plan plays out the 360 may become obsolete. Oh, well, I'm getting Modern Warfare out the deal, so the joke's on him.
South Pacific is over FINALLY. And we did fantastically, our very critical director was left speechless on several occasions and we managed to break his rating scale, scoring two 10.5s and 12 on closing night. Our school's theme for this year is "Leave A Legacy", which I think we've done pretty well.
I've been taking a Creative Writing class this semester, and our big project for the month of November is to write a short novel in class. This reminded me of the marathon writing project that my mother is currently involved in. Shortly after I thought this, our teacher pulled up the website in the previous link on his projector...WOW. He was already a pretty cool guy, but this scores him about 500 awesome points.
Now that the musical is over, Madrigal rehearsals are being scaled up quite a bit in order to prep for the craziness that is December for our choir. 6 am rehearsals three days a week, and intense feelings of nervousness have been highly prevalent. Especially since our very first performance is for an extremely prominent group of people...as in WORLD RENOWNED.

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