Bittersweet Holidays

I figured I should put up a Christmas post for anyone out there who watches this without leaving any sort of trace.
So it's Christmas Eve, and it's turned out to be a white one, despite my earnest hopes to the contrary. Oh, well, that's what I get for living...well, you don't need to know where.
The whole thing seems just a tad surreal after waiting for it for so long. Like when I saw Star Wars Episode 3 in the theater for the first time, but not quite as intense. The feeling has been following me around lately, maybe it's that this'll be my last Christmas as a minor. I just can't shake the dread of my childhood slipping through my fingers like the fine sand of an hourglass. I'm still not used to being a senior in High School, and I'll be turning eighteen in June. It's just such a weird concept, growing up.
We're doing ten minute, one act plays in my theatre class. My group is doing one called Labor Day, which is about such a concept, about how time seems to get away from us. About the denial of time's slow descent towards an encroaching doom to all that is innocent. I try my best to preserve my optimism, my joy at the very idea of life, but I sometimes feel like I'm fighting a battle I can't win.
I wonder what I'm getting.
Merry Christmas, everyone.
Here's a Batman picture:

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