Football and Firefox

Football is not my cup of tea...usually.
The Super Bowl and maybe my school's Homecoming game are about the only times I ever take interest in the sport, but last night my more sports-oriented relatives came to visit and took the male members of my family to a football game. I did not have high hopes for the game. But after about the first quarter I was up singing the fight songs and stomping my feet even more than anyone else in my family. Lets just say I am a very enthusiastic person and leave it at that.
I have a pet peeve. I use Firefox, and I open up a large number of tabs while online. And when I close it down I can save these tabs so I'll get them back when I boot it up the next time I'm on. Sometimes I'll have to go do something else and one of my immediate family members will close it down without saving the tabs. This leaves me to find all the places I was at the next time I'm on.
This drives me up the wall.
I'll probably post more later today.

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