It's been a few days, so an update should help spruce things up!
My throat has been scratchy, sore, and bugging the crap out of me. It hurts.
Weather outside is freezing, weather inside is HOT, neither is comfortable.
I've been reading around on the internet and have confirmed some suspicions I've had for a while:
Harry Potter fans are insane. Don't believe me? Go here for a list of truly mind-boggling instances of off-the-wall craziness.
...Sorry got lost.
Star Wars has a whole lot of music, so much so that it takes up at least a fourth of my Rhapsody playlist than anything else. And my playlist is over 500 songs. No, really. I'm listening to it right now.
I love webcomics, but one of my favorites is based on Dungeons And Dragons. It's called the Order of the Stick, here's the archive. It may be one of the most dorky things you'll ever see, but I love the stuff.

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