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Ugh, I'm just so tired right now. But this is really the best time for my posting cuz I'm typically brimming with all the stuff in my brain while physically drained. I wonder if there's a reason for that? Kind of like the law of motion, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"? Idunno.
This musical is going to kill me, I just know it. I'm way behind on my TV shows and in serious need of some downtime. Only a few more weeks, and once All State is over things'll lighten up.
I like Glee, but it's not exactly the most appropriate city. Kind of a guilty pleasure. But one thing that always bugs me about it is that, being a student of the performing arts, I always think "Dang, this is the most dysfunctional group ever." It's good TV though. :)
I love crossover fanfics, I do, I tend to write them as well. I have a couple of big projects in the works right now, but I'm not gonna tell you about them or else my creative juices will drain faster than oil down a wet drain. That drains quickly right? You'd think so.
But I'll tell you this, they both have more than ten sources, yeah.
Gonna go read more crossover fanfics!

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  1. Oh my Gosh!! I figure that if I'm gonna comment
    on this about a past entry I'd better write where you would see it. BUT, your outlook on Twilight is so monumentally compelling. I never thought to really compare it realistically to actual relationships between teens. Honestly, you are an extremely amazing writer, especially when you are opinionated strongly on something. You really must keep up the writing! I have felt compelled to continue to read and stay updated to your blog. Your searing wit and pizazz is really refreshing, especially with all the boring "look at my baby" blogs that we see more often than not. I personally would love to see a crossover between Final Fantasy(7) and Mistborn(which is a fantastic series I suggest you look into it). Oh and by the way I plan on keeping up with this blog all the way! and I plan on commenting....often.


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