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Being sick sucks, period.
I've been half dead for about twenty four hours and it is awful. The timing couldn't be worse. We're in the thick of rehearsals for South Pacific and our first choir concert is in two days. And I hate sleeping all day, it makes me feel like a blob. While I do enjoy sleeping in, this is the exact opposite of enjoyment. But this does give me some time to rest up and get my head together before going through another rush of extracurriculars, and to update this blog!
I love webcomics, they are awesome. They don't even have to be the funny kind, dramatic ones are great if done well. Recently, I've been reading comics at snafu-comics.com. Their more prominent artist, Bleedman, has some truly excellent work. He has a pair of comic series that are basically enormous crossovers between popular cartoons injected with a good dose of dark themes and spectacular writing, and they are AWESOME. These are Grim Tales and the PPGD. Truly amazing, though it's probably the geekiest thing I've ever read in my life.
Now for something simply silly!
Star Wars Uncut is a fan recreation of the original Star Wars, but divided into fifteen second clips that anyone can pick up and make. Each is intended to be a reconstruction of the moment in question, but it can be made in any way. Any film style, no matter how low budget/quality, can and will be accepted to the site, and once they have the whole movie done they'll put it together for people to watch. It'll be the most schizo movie ever, but it'll definitely be fun.
My brain is in jumbles from being sick so I'll stop here.

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