Awful By Association

It's Wednesday. While this might mean nothing to you it does mean something to me to me!
No rehearsals today! And it's my sister's birthday! Happy b-day, sis! She's 7 today.
SWERVE says the train of thought!
If you've noticed, all NONE of you, hmph, I like to link to TV Tropes, a rather cool site, filled to the brim with funny information on conventions of fiction of all sorts. And it's a wiki, so you can add all sorts of things! Check it out! But it also has a tendency to suck your life away as exemplified here. Yeah, it's kind of like that.
Walking down the street, you don't see a lot off hats that really grab attention. Maybe the odd baseball cap, but not much more. Me? I try to defy this convention and have a couple of really cool hats, the most prominent of which is a trilby. Now you may be thinking, "NF, you silly! Yahtzee did it first, making it the most evil hat ever!" You know what I say to that? SO WHAT.
Look, just because the man who is perhaps the most reviled game reviewer on the internet wears this hat doesn't mean it's bad by association. This is the kind of thing that gets so often applied to Hitler. And besides, I wore this hat long before I'd even heard of him so HA!

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