I Have A Bad Feeling About This

So, on Saturday morning I had rehearsal for a very exclusive choir. Turns out I have to memorize FIVE SONGS in a week. Guess what's playing on iTunes right now?
Oh, it's gonna be a long week.
You know what's fun? Sitting in the room when your family members are watching a TV show they like and laughing at serious things cuz they look funny if you don't know what's going on. I do this when my folks are watching Stargate: Atlantis. Yeah, it seems a little backwards, but Stargate has never really been my cup of tea. Go figure.
You know what I hate? People who tell me what to do without knowing what the heck they're talking about. Especially, when I have to listen to them. I'm not gonna name names, but let me tell you, the list is longer than I'd like.
Now, I try to inform people when they do this, and most of the time they realize their mistake and apologize. But some will say they get it, but they don't. In one ear and out the other, as they say. So frustrating.
This topic is making me edgy, let's move on, shall we?
Sometimes I'll be watching a show and something totally unexpected will throw me for a loop. I'm not talking about plot twists, I'm talking about guys so pretty, they're often mistaken for gals. Really freaks me out.
I started watching Naruto recently, and they bring in that one guy, Haku? They guy with the ice mirrors? And the mask? Ah, heck, I don't know. And any of you who know the show can feel free to correct me, I'm just tired.
Speaking of Naruto, another thing that bugs me with shows sometimes in when they stretch out the most insignificant things to fill for time or for emphasis. EMPHASIS! To the point where the entire contents of an episode can be summed up with, "this guy used a move, they talked about how cool it was, this other guy used a move, they talk about that one for the rest of the episode".
No, really.
Would write more, but my brain is going into shutdown mode.

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