Day 2

Tired, again. Darn early mornings.
But tomorrow is Saturday! And that means I can sleep in! FINALLY!!!
My folks are out of town tonight. You might be thinking, "Rock on, man! Throw a party or something!" But that's not gonna happen. Why? I have three sibs to babysit. Ugh. I have a feeling that the disney channel is gonna be on til the early hours of the morning. Unless I send them all to bad before then cuz I just can't stand them anymore. That's not a half bad idea, akshully.
We did blocking in rehearsal this afternoon. That's where you plot out the movements onstage for everyone but without the actual sets or props. I get to throw a shirt in my friend's face. This guy can be kind of a jerk but is really funny so I'm looking forward to it.
Train of thought swerving, and...random topic change!
Monty Oum is a frickin' genius, I'm not even kidding. This guy makes some of the most awesome videos you will ever find on the internet ever. Haloid is his first, and answers what would happen if Master Chief and Samus Aran ever fought. SPOILER: We win.
Dead Fantasy is his current series. And I think it's better than Haloid, honestly. It's a crossover between Final Fantasy and Dead Or Alive. I've never played DOA, but this series has increased my level of interest. It started out with only female characters (what is it with that guy?) but expanded it's repertoire in it's later installments. Really CHECK IT OUT.
Now from videos based on games to an actual game!
Spore! The latest brainchild sprung from the mind of legendary game designer Will Wright, creator of The Sims and SimCity!
The game in a nutshell, you take a species you create through five evolutionary stages: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization, and Space. All the while you guide it's choices and expand your power over the world around.
Some have criticized the game for having the first four levels being shallow. I do admit that this a fairly deserved comment. The game really reaches it's stride when it hits Space, though. But the real genius of the game is the creators. It lets you build pretty much anything, animals, buildings, vehicles and spaceships. It's truly brilliant and intuitive, and where the game really shines. If you've ever wanted to make an alien, whatever it be, this is the game for you.
Yes, I know, I like to pour out praise for things I like, but I'll try to be snarkier.
Starting now!
Twilight. The very word fills my soul with fear. These books SUCK. In fact, it sucks so hard that I find myself unable to formulate in words the true depths of my loathing, but the following does a good job of summarizing some of my hate for the series. Now you might pass me off as a hater, and you'd technically be right. But first read this. Now be enlightened.

"There is a lot wrong with Stephanie Meyer's writing. Annoying, one-dimensional characters, overused and redundant adjectives, a disturbingly sick and obsessive relationship, and the most disgustingly blatant Mary Sue since Stephen Dedalus. Not to mention the fact that a love story that is supposedly about seeing inner beauty is impossible to take seriously when the writer can't stop gushing over how gorgeous and pretty and beautiful and hot and sexy and graceful and attractive Edward is. It's also worth noting the fact that it ignores pretty much all accepted ideas of vampirism, removing every single weakness and curse vampirism entails, from holy water to sunlight to the need to drink human blood, and replaces them with...random superpowers. Then there's the utterly twisted plot points, like Bella marrying and getting pregnant right out of high school, Bella refusing to get away from a guy who admits to her face he feels urges to kill her solely because he's hot (or would "dazzling" be more appropriate?), and a werewolf falls in love with a newborn baby and promises to care for her until she is "of age" so he can woo her. If that wasn't horrifying enough, the baby conveniently happens to physically mature at an accelerated rate, and will look 17 when she is 7, so that's okay. No it's not.

"I could accept this as a badly written book, but there are some things here that go beyond fantasy and reveal either a very naive or very twisted author. The series, which is written for girls nearing dating age, idolizes a textbook abusive relationship. Edward is controlling, prone to bursts of anger, moody, and jealous. He cuts her off socially, and she follows him like a blind puppy, expressing horror at the very concept of him leaving her. Or, you know, killing her. He justifies any wrongdoing against her with “It’s just because I love you” or “It’s what’s best for you.” As if that wasn't enough, he watches her while she sleeps. That's not sweet, that is stalkerish, and if a girl gets the idea that this is acceptable from Edward, she will be ignorant of a classic warning sign of a very dangerous person. It presents a risk of violence and abuse as an exciting obstacle that can be overcome with true love, and treats obsessiveness as romantic and flattering, which is a great mindset to have while being abused. I have enough confidence in human intelligence to know that fans of these books aren't all going to be eager to get into abusive relationships, but if the best thing I can say about the love story is "readers will probably be smart enough not to emulate the main character," that is not a good thing.

"The Twilight series is a poorly written story of an obsessive relationship told by an unreliable narrator, but even with all this I could still ignore it. But there is one story aspect that I simply cannot overlook, one that fills me with such rage and disgust at the very thought of it that I feel true, genuine hatred for this series and its author. I am talking, of course, about sparkly vampires. That is not a joke. The vampires sparkle. They're not weak to sunlight, it makes them glitter. I could understand if it was a cringeworthy metaphor, but no. As if Edward wasn't already slathered in adjective and adverb vomit, he has to literally emit glowing rays of light to really drive the point home that he's pretty. For Pete's sake, even My Little Pony has the taste and common decency to forgo bioluminescence, and she's a horse who exists for no reason other than to look pretty. Edward, a humanoid, has no such excuse. For all the poor writing and warped notions of how romance works, it's the fact that Edward is basically a big piece of jewelry with a rocklike personality to match that drives the point home that these are bad books."

Do you see what's wrong with it NOW, fangirls!? See the slim facade of pretty prose from Bella's shallow brain that disguises all the problem's that are contained in her and Edward's relationship!? Yeah, I hope so.

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