First Post!

Hello, and welcome to Rampant and Rhetoric! This is my very first post here and can't wait to get started!
My posts on here are bound to be a bit sporadic, but I'll try to keep this up for a while especially if people like it.
Now, you can call me NF, the acronym of my username, makes things simple.
I'm a big fan of the performing arts (choir, theatre, band, orchestra, etc.) with choir and theatre taking up a big part of my school schedule. Recently our school started the production of this year's fall musical. This time around it's South Pacific, and what do they do first after obliterating my hopes of getting a lead? Give us three 6am rehearsals in a ROW. That's right, I've had to get up at 5 in the morning, yesterday, today, and (drumroll, please) tomorrow!
While the grammar there might not have gone so well, the point still stands. Getting up that early SUCKS, and is unhealthy for the cast. This was part of the reason I wanted a lead, they don't have to do most of the early morning rehearsals!
While I was expecting this, having gone through the same process last year, does it make it any easier? No, no, and no.
Unrelated tangent time!
My mom goes grocery shopping on friday, and what's today? Thursday. What does this mean? That's there's absolutely NOTHING to be scavenged from the kitchen that takes less than thirty seconds to make. And while hunger is a good motivator for hard work, it doesn't give you amazing cooking knowledge no matter how much you might think so.
Now you might be thinking, "Aw, poor little kid can't eat when he wants." What I say to that is shove off. I'm 6 foot and 145 pounds, I need FOOD.
Alternatively, you could be thinking, "Why is this here? Weren't you just talking about early morning rehearsals?"
While it may seem random, it actually figures into my current status, I'm hungry and tired, which is now on Facebook. If you can find out who I am from this, congratulations! You're a creepy stalker who terribly needs to get a life!
Now a really random tangent!
I like music, a lot. But sometimes it just becomes...odd. Like the title of Fall Out Boy's newest album, Folie a Deux. If the books on the shelves in the library of the creepy mental hospital level of Second Sight (which is actually a good game, the gameplay's a little off, but the story is brilliant and definitely worth a look if you give a crap about story) are to be believed, it's a type of mental disorder where one person has a delusion and another person believes them, effectively transferring the delusion. And...Wikipedia confirms it! Well, well, looks like the developers DID do the research!
But this leads to the interesting question of "what leads them to name their album after a psychological disorder?" Now, I may be looking at this too hard, but it might be a reference to one (or MORE!?) of the band member's mental health. Just a little mini-theory. Or maybe they're the ones who didn't do the research.
Thanks for reading my first post, and remember to try and critique!

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