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You know what's fun? Laughing. And I had an awesome time this afternoon.
The Drama Club at my school had a "social" (fancy term for party) today, and we did this one thing where you lay on the floor with your head on someone else's stomach and another person has their head on your stomach and it's a whole chain of people. As weird as this may sound, it gets weirder. Then, starting at one end of the chain, you start going "ha". But the object is really to get people to laugh as much as possible, cuz that bounces the people around you and eventually everyone is cackling a swarm of stereotypical witches. I at least thought it was awesome. Of course, I'm easily provoked to laugh and the rather awkward positioning combined with the crazy antics that go on around you (it also provoked things further that the person on my stomach kept poking me in the side, where I happen to be rather ticklish) make things rather uproariously funny. It may sound strange as folk, but I find it extremely fun.
Knight to Strange Topic!
Is it just me, or are a lot of older cartoons being remade lately? In the last few months, Cartoon Network has made a few TV movies of Tom and Jerry. A little while ago, it seems like they said, "Screw it, we're making a series." And so they did.
In the original cartoons, the woman that Tom and Jerry sometimes lived with was a bodacious, southern, black woman. Now she's a bodacious, southern white woman. I don't know whether the change has made it more or less racist than before.
This thought process is boring, NEXT!
I wrote a paper yesterday for my creative writing class at school. We were supposed to write about a school issue. So, with a little inspiration from my friends' topics and a little of my snarky nature, I decided to write about "The Harm Of Stereotypes In School". After writing about it, I now realize that my thoughts, while pretty true, are very scathing towards the school administration and a good chunk of the students. While most of these points need to be made, I may have been a little harsh. And my school is actually very good about a lot of these, though it obviously has its problems as well. I know a lot of you don't care about my paper and would rather I not talk about what you have no knowledge of, I'm merely unburdening myself, so don't pay too much attention.
...GAH! Sorry, distracted by this really frickin' trippy game. It's called Time Fcuk and it's on Newgrounds. My brain feels like it's gonna explode. Go check it out.

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